2nd & 4th Tuesdays

 at 2 p.m and 6 p.m. 

We're back in session coming this March 9th.  Our times are a bit different!  Our morning session has moved to 2 p.m. But the evening session will still meet at 6 p.m.  Remember if you can "tie a knot!" We have a place for you!  Hope to see everyone that is interested in attendance.

The Lord's Stitchers

Delivering God's warmth to those in need.

2022 Lord's Stitchers

Quilt Delivery

Thank you ladies for coming out and supporting this special night!  We had 21 in attendance and had a wonderful time with our activities, food and fellowship!

Ladies Winter Fellowship 

For the grandparents that inspire you…

Grandparents Matter.

Think of the people cheering you on, inspiring you with their hard-earned wisdom and life stories. Think of the people you can count on for understanding and advice because they illustrate what unconditional love looks like.

I command you to show respect for older people and to obey me with fear and trembling.


They might be your grandparents, parents, family friends, or neighbors. Today, honor an elder who’s made a positive impact in your life (or your family’s) by sharing this Verse Image with them.

Group Tour of Israel